Training and Development Analyst job vacancy in BRS (Fort Leonard Wood, MO)

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Hi, are you looking for Training and Development Analyst jobs in Fort Leonard Wood, MO ?
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Company name : BRS
Location : Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Position : Training and Development Analyst

Description :
STS Systems Support (SSS) is seeking a Training and Development Analyst at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO to provide the following:

Assist the AFSFC/S3T, Training Support Division, with National Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) curriculum development to set, oversee, and maintain minimum police standards in education, training, job performance, skills, and conduct for the Department of the Air Force (DAF). Additionally, assist the AFSFC with Defender Next 32 driven requirements to develop and maintain new requirements for Security Forces Training Reference Guides, 5 and 7-level Lesson Plans and Task Performance Checklists, and Job Qualifications Standards. Responsibilities include:
Assist government personnel with designing and implementing the curriculum based on the Peace Officers’ standards and training model in the United States. This will assist the DAF in formulating POST doctrine, design, staffing, staff responsibilities, procedures, protocols, and documentation.
Provide subject matter experts to advise the development of the metrics, assessment methodologies, training, accreditation, and certification process and send to COR no later than five days for government approval and distribution to career field.
Assist government personnel with developing and maintaining career field Job Qualification Standards (JQSs) for various security forces specialty training.
Provide subject matter expertise at Specialty Training Requirements Teams and Utilization and Training Workshops and facilitate Actions Training curriculum decisions made at those activities.
Provide subject matter expertise on curriculum development to strategic and operational leaders.
Develop for government approval and then administer and analyze field surveys from received training feedback and compile the results and send to COR no later than five days after compiling surveys.
Develop for government approval and maintain security forces home station, sustainment, and readiness training curriculum
Use Learning Management System software to develop lesson plans and task performance checklists for government approval.
Prepare for government approval and deliver strategic and operational communication products in the form of Bullet Background Papers (BBPs), memorandums, data analysis products, or PowerPoint presentations to shape senior leader decision making processes
Assist AFSFC government personnel with hosting enhanced entry-level training for members attending the Basic Peace Officer Course (BPOC).
Obtain a DoD general purpose vehicle training certificate/license and be trained to obtain an explosive driver’s license for ammo movements to support military training IAW with DoD Manual 4500.36, Acquisition, Management, and Use of Non-Tactical Vehicles (NTVs) and AFI 24-301, Vehicle Operations.
Assist Reserve/Ordering ammo on behalf of military training.
Be trained and utilize the Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) Web site to schedule Army ranges.
Conduct weapons inventory.
Perform Range Safety Officer (RSO) duties during student training.
Monitor and assist in student Performance Fitness Tests, to include documenting scores and preparing final fitness reports.
Assist in planning and executing Support student graduation events.
Perform as the Department of the Air Force liaison and reception person for in-bound students attending.
Perform records reviews and or verify student attendance documents to ensure students are prepared and qualified to attend training.
Perform Key Custodian duties and responsibilities to include the responsibility of inventory and control of facility keys for dormitories, training building and ranges.
Perform Alternate Dorm Custodian duties and responsibilities to include dormitories inspections, walkthrough of common areas, maintenance work orders and Linen Exchange functions for dorm residents to include pick up and drop off.
Perform as the on-ground liaison between the USMC BPOC and AFSFC on student issues to include academic and behavioral. The contractor shall facilitate flow of information, to include verbal and written between USMC BPOC and AFSFC, ensuring all appropriate academic or behavioral information is transferred.
Conduct range maintenance on shooting ranges, to include target and target frame preparation and following localized checklist.
Be certified to operate minimum of one 15 PAX Van IAW AFI 24-301, Ground Transportation. The contractor shall maintain vehicles in good working order, and transport DAF students to and from mandatory appointments when deemed necessary by military authorities. Must comply with state and local requirements to operate on host installation.

Demonstrate extensive SF functional experience and judgment to plan, accomplish the strategic thinking required of this project, collect data, evaluate data collection’s source effectiveness, the validity of the data collected, and perform a thorough and effective evaluation of the alternatives and conclusions derived from the AFSFC/S3T Law Enforcement
Possess at least 10 years of management and operational experience in a DoD or USAF Security Forces force protection discipline; however, the experience must be within the last five years immediately leading up to this requirement.
Demonstrate extensive familiarity with Department of Defense (DoD), the Headquarters Air Staff and Air Force Major Commands structure and function, and USAF Security Forces expeditionary and combat skills operations, pre-deployment, force protection training requirements, law enforcement operations, as well as peace and contingency base operations and mobility/LOGDET management.
Possess Bachelor’s degree or minimum 4 years of experience in law enforcement or force protection discipline is a must.
Minimum four years experience with SF education, Law Enforcement training, and TTPs and advanced working knowledge of SF Force Protection missions, functions, and structure.
Minimum four years experience with understanding, applying and executing AF documentation development to include policy, technical documents, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/Interservice and Intragovernmental Support Agreements (ISSA).
In-depth knowledge of security forces Law Enforcement Tactics Techniques and Procedures
Superior understanding of the Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) process
Demonstrate understanding of Air Force formal and informal training processes to include Career Field Education Training Plans, Specialty Training Standards, Job Qualification Standards, Air Force Form 797, and AF Form 1098s
Have an understanding of the Air Forces Education and Training process and its applicability against Career Field Education and Training Plans and upgrade training

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