Of Counsel Attorney – Consumer Law Firm (Telephone Spam) job vacancy in LawHQ, P.C. (Delaware)

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Hi, are you looking for Of Counsel Attorney – Consumer Law Firm (Telephone Spam) jobs in Delaware ?
we got a perfect job opening for you !

Company name : LawHQ, P.C.
Location : Delaware
Position : Of Counsel Attorney – Consumer Law Firm (Telephone Spam)

Description :
LawHQ is a legaltech law firm based out of Salt Lake City. We are fully remote.
We have developed an Android and iPhone app that allows users to report telephone calls, voicemails, and text messages as spam. We sue the spammers in federal court under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. (See www.lawhq.com.)
We currently have 25 lawsuits nationwide to file right now, and will have another 10 to 40 new lawsuits each month.
While we can practice in nearly half of the federal courts, in the other districts we are not admitted. We are hiring “Of Counsel” attorneys admitted in the following locations:
DelawareSouth DakotaVirginia
As a LawHQ “Of Counsel” attorney, you would work with us in the following ways:
First, you file lawsuits in the district courts where you are admitted. Our technology and internal team will provided the complaints which will be ready to file. Your responsibility will be to file the case. We will pay $200 for each case you review and is filed.
Second, for any motions to dismiss, we will pay you $750 to draft an opposition, and if the initial draft is done well, another $750 to finalize the opposition. We have a 300+ page document that provides case law on every aspect of the TCPA which you will be able to use.
Third, for any cases that proceed past a motion to dismiss, a full-time attorney at LawHQ will file a pro hac vice admission. This attorney will then handle most or all of the case. For discovery, motions, etc. we may work with you as needed. Pay for any work done in this phase will be discussed and agreed upon at that time.
This is an “Of Counsel” position with the potential to develop into a full-time salaried position. While there is no requirement that you need or want to transition to a full-time position, it is an option for those who do well. LawHQ hires full-time salaried attorneys who show strong legal skills in (1) writing and (2) litigating.
All “Of Counsel” attorneys will be provided a LawHQ email address and access to a dedicated Microsoft Teams channel.
Please note that depending on the state(s) and district court(s) where you are admitted, the number of cases we work with you on will vary. Some “Of Counsel” attorneys may have 3 cases per month, while others may have 1 per year. In other words, while our “Of Counsel” attorneys is on-going relationship, you should expect the position to supplement your work load (to varying degrees) and not provide you full-time work.
The ideal candidate for this position will have the following qualifications:
Looking for supplemental work to your current case load.
Could file a case as soon as next week, but flexible if the first case is not until a few+ months.
Not planning on changing your employment for the next couple years, such that you can likely work as “Of Counsel” for the foreseeable future.
Admitted in one or more of the above-listed states.
Admitted in the federal court(s) of those state(s) or willing to apply for admission.
Excellent at research and writing.
Experience litigating.
LawHQ has been operating for 3 years now. The founder and CEO is Thomas Alvord. We currently have a team of 20 people, which includes attorneys, paralegals, investigators, and developers. Thomas has recorded “Intro Video to New Job Applicants” that you are welcome to watch.
Short 2 min video: https://youtu.be/cCJFRHd4plMLonger 20 min video: https://youtu.be/zgjAxW1ZKo8
You are also welcome to browse lawhq.com.
To apply please submit your resume and answer the questions associated with this job posting.
Thank you.
Job Type: Contract
Pay: $150.00 – $300.00 per hour
Application Question(s):
How likely are you to change your employment situation in the next two years?
Delaware bar license (Required)
Work Location: Remote

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