Manufacturing Machine Technician job vacancy in Plastic Ingenuity (Cross Plains, WI 53528)

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Company name : Plastic Ingenuity
Location : Cross Plains, WI 53528
Position : Manufacturing Machine Technician

Description :
3rd shift
Machine Technicians are ultimately responsible for the machinery and equipment’s continuous and consistent operation. Machine set-up, repair, maintenance, and ongoing machine operations are the responsibility of those in this position. Machine technicians have a difficult job and are an important element of the production team since they must troubleshoot and fix unexpected difficulties as they emerge. They are the first line of defense and give ongoing experience and insight to assist prevent future problems.
Accountable for

Understanding the needs of customers and their definition of a quality part.
Ensuring that the output of the production process is of the highest quality and training others on how to maintain high quality output consistently
Progressing through the competency model program to continuously learn and build on expertise and knowledge.
Assessment of the level of quality of a part in partnership with the inspector/packers it determine if quality is within acceptable standards; and make machine adjustments as necessary.
Success of the broader team, which may include filling in for other roles when necessary.
Completion of accurate production records in a timely manner
Adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP) to ensure team member and product safety
Performing other duties as assigned by the Crew Leader

Required Qualifications:

This job requires a high school diploma or equivalent
Ability to read and understand written instructions

Desired Qualifications:

Exhibits a high degree of mechanical aptitude and curiousity
Familiar with hand tools and equipment
Ability to handle walk/stand on the floor for extended periods of time with the ability to move and navigate all areas of large machines without difficult
Driven by customer deadlines and highly detail-oriented

You should be proficient in:

Proficient in Machine Setups for Production Runs
Proficient in Blueprint Reading
Mechanical Assembly Skills

Salary info:
$17.95 – $23.37 / hr

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