Gas Technician Apprentice job vacancy in Borough of Chambersburg (Chambersburg, PA 17201)

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Company name : Borough of Chambersburg
Location : Chambersburg, PA 17201
Position : Gas Technician Apprentice

Description :

CLASSIFICATION: Gas Technician Apprentice
RATE OF PAY: $24.75
PLACE OF WORK: Utility Service Center, 80 South Franklin Street
HOURS OF WORK: General hours 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday-Friday
Variable depending on Gas Department needs
Perform a wide variety of equipment operations, constructing natural gas facilities, repair and maintenance of gas transmission, distribution, service, and fuel lines. Assists Gas Technicians in performing a normal range of servicing, maintenance, and repair of somewhat limited variety of residential, commercial, and small industrial gas consuming devices. Subject to emergency calls.
Work from orders, directions, complaints, or as directed. Operate vehicles, construction equipment, compressor, various air tools, various precision measuring, testing equipment and instruments, various portable power tools, concrete saw, hand tools, and special purpose tools and equipment. Use various manufacturer’s instructions, handbooks, and other available data.
Lay and construct a variety of underground gas distribution lines, service lines, and fuel lines. Much of this work will be done by hand digging with a shovel. Install a variety of valves, regulators, and controls, and install meters and allied devices. Tap gas lines, repair leaks, and diagnose less complex problems. Assist Gas Technician in connecting and disconnecting gas consuming appliances and inspecting for safe installation, operation and proper piping, done by others as assigned. Reports to Gas Supervisor, works under Lead Gas Technician and Gas Technicians.
Detect and report to proper supervision any unusual condition, difficulties, malfunctions or other matters. Properly protect work areas and obey all Federal and Borough safety rules and regulations. Ensure proper maintenance of trucks, tools, equipment, and work materials, and maintain good, clean working order.
Perform other related duties as assigned or directed.
Physical condition will permit activities including, but not limited to lifting 50 lbs., stooping, driving and working under severely adverse conditions and temperatures. Experience with a backhoe is preferable. Establish and maintain good working relationships with those contacted in the course of work. Should have two or more years experience in the plumbing, heating, underground utility construction and or natural gas field. Subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

Must have and maintain a valid Motor Vehicle Operator’s license, 3 years clean driving history, and be insurable in the independent opinion of the Borough’s motor vehicle insurance underwriter, in order to be eligible for this position.
Must have and retain CDL license or obtain within six months of employment.
Must not have any disciplinary action (written reprimand or suspension) in their file during the preceding two years.
Must be in good physical condition due to frequent digging with a shovel and moderate lifting and handling of tools, equipment and materials.
Must have over 2 years experience in underground utility construction, the gas industry or equivalent, i.e. plumbing and heating.

Must be willing to take training to develop knowledge and skills regarding equipment operation and gas industry.

Must be able to qualify under DOT/OPS OQ requirements.

See attached Essential Duties.


AFSCME Bargaining Unit employees working in the Department will be considered first;

If the position is not filled by an AFSCME Bargaining Unit employee of the Department, AFSCME Bargaining Unit employees of other Departments will be considered;

If the position is not filled by an AFSCME Bargaining Unit employee, other Borough employees will be considered;

If a Borough employee does not fill the position, outside persons (including extra part time Borough employees) will be considered in accordance with the Borough’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and a preference for qualified Borough residents and non-users of tobacco products.

This description is the present overview of the job, is subject to change by the employer and is to be used as a temporary management guide to performance.
I have read this description and understand my responsibilities as I begin this work assignment.
If interested, complete and return the essential duties form with a current resume if desired to the Personnel Office.
If you have any questions, contact Sophia Suarez in Personnel at 717-251-2462.

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